In the not too distant past, there was little choice of sweets for vegetarians. While many sweets still use animal products like gelatine, many brands have stopped using it as an ingredient and plenty of new plant-based ones have come onto the mark as the popularity of plant-based diets climb.

Here at Fizz Pop, we have over 230 products that are suitable for a vegetarian diet. So, relax and stop frantically scanning the back of packaging for the dreaded g-word. Here is a full list of the sweet goodness that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

What Are Vegetarian Sweets Made From?

A vegetarian diet contains food from plant sources such as vegetables, nuts, fruit, and grains. It can also include some animal products like dairy and eggs too as no animal is slaughtered, but as some vegetarians are concerned about claims in the dairy and egg industries, this is a personal preference.

Vegetarian sweets are made from plant-based alternatives like carrageenan, agar, fruit, sugars, syrups, dairy milk powder, beeswax and vega gel instead of gelatine that comes from the skin and bone of cows and pigs.

This shouldn’t be confused with vegan, however, which doesn’t incorporate any animal products like beeswax, eggs or dairy products.

What Chocolate Can Vegetarians Eat?

Most of our chocolate range is vegetarian friendly. We’ve prepared a small list for you from chocolate, jelly sweets, lollipops and dips, and hard sweets.

What Jelly Sweets Can Vegetarians Eat?

What Lollipops and Dips Can Vegetarians Eat?


What Hard Sweets Can Vegetarians Eat?

You Want More?

We hope you’ve found these lists helpful. This is only a small selection of our massive selection you can purchase and enjoy. View our full vegetarian range here.

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