Novelty sweets stand out and can make those sweet treats extra sweet, can make great gifts or sweetener for attract more customers.

We have over 80 novelty sweet products in our massive range. We don’t know how we did it, but we managed to find our top ten.

Our top ten in no particular order:

#1 Big Dipper – Various Flavours

The Big Dipper brings together the classic combination of lollipops and sherbet to add a third – a variety of tropical flavours – that will put our taste buds through a rollercoaster of flavours.

Available in Blue Raspberry and Watermelon, and Watermelon and Strawberry, Big Dipper is free from dairy and gluten, making a delightful treat for those with lactose and gluten intolerances.

#2 Brain Lickers

Brain Lickers have been around since the early 2000s and continue to be widely popular, delivering a range of fruity flavours. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and gluten free, Brain Lickers satisfies the taste buds of zombies of all ages!

#3 Haribo Chamallows

For over 20 years, Haribo’s Chamallows have given us the delicious fluffiness that melts in our mouth. They are perfect for barbecue and campfire toasting, chocolate fondues or creating your own Chamallow lollipop creations.

#4 Pirate Coins

Arrr, matey! Thar be treasure! These plunder-free Pirate Coins are deliciously chocolatey with a shiny gold covering and you don’t even have to walk the plank to get them.

Available in sizes from 100 grams to a huge bounty of 3 kilograms, these Pirate Coins are suitable for vegetarian, so you’re sure to find a pack size to suit your little pirates.

#5 Mini Rainbow Lollies

Taste the colours of the rainbow with these fruity Mini Rainbow Lollies that will keep you occupied ages. Great for handing out at Pride events, these lollies are free from dairy, gluten and gelatine, so they’re suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well.

#6 Hot or Wot Chilli Strawberries

I know what you’re thinking but hear us out. The concoction of chilli and strawberry might seem odd, but it creates an original and unique taste of sweet and chilli. Take the test – are they hot or wot?

These Hot or Wote Chilli Strawberries are free from gluten and are suitable for vegetarians.

#7 King Tango Giant Roller – Various Flavours

Get the unmistakable taste of Tango in giant roll-on sweet form. Available in one of four fruity long-lasting flavours of Blue Raspberry, Orange, Apple, and Cherry, they are suitable for vegetarians.

#8 Paint Splash – Various Flavours

Using the sweet lollipop paint brush, paint your taste buds with the accompanying sherbet-filled tub and fuse together two exciting and delicious flavours for a sensational taste experience.

Free from dairy, gluten and gelatine, Paint Splash is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so everyone can enjoy. Available in Blue Raspberry and Green Apple, Orange and Strawberry, and Cherry and Cola.

#9 Bubble Rubblez – Various Flavours

From the Crazy Candy Factory, these bubble gum pieces come in a can-themed container and are bursting with flavour. They are free from dairy, gluten, and gelatine, so they’re suitable for veggies and vegans. Bubble Rubblez are available in three mouth-watering flavours of Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry.

#10 Toxic Waste – Nuclear Fusion

Going in meltdown in 3… 2… 1… Challenge your tastebuds and your mettle with these seriously sour and fizzy sweets. Toxic Waste – Nuclear Fusion is Halal and suitable for vegetarians.

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